Association for research and education
on mindfulness and meditation


Institute Innerside International: Association for research and education on mindfulness and meditation

Andrea Dinkel-Tischendorf and Volker Tischendorf

As a non-profit organization, we provide impulses on the topics of mindfulness and meditation:

  • We promote mindfulness and meditation and strive to develop new applications.
  • We research and compare the effects of meditation, mindfulness and a natural and holistic lifestyle in relation to general well-being and the creative potential of humanbeings.
  • We offer interested people the opportunity to access various services and activities through projects, events and workshops. The experiences and insights gained from this should promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle as well as peaceful coexistence.


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Nächster Online-Treff zum Bildungsprojekt

Nach einer Sommerpause starten wir  voraussichtlich am Donnerstag, den 12.9. um 19:00 Uhr wieder mit unserem Online Projekttreffen. Beim letzten Treffen kam der Vorschlag,  einzelne Übungen aus unserem Methodenkoffer vorzustellen

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Support Options

As a non-profit organisation, we strive to make our services available to as many interested persons as possible, regardless of their financial means. We also welcome donations to support the organisation’s purpose. We are happy to share our bank details.


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