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Institute Innerside International: Association for research and education on mindfulness and meditation

As a non-profit organization, we provide impulses on the topics of mindfulness and meditation:

  • We promote mindfulness and meditation and strive to develop new applications.
  • We research and compare the effects of meditation, mindfulness and a natural and holistic lifestyle in relation to general well-being and the creative potential of human beings.
  • We offer interested people the opportunity to access various services and activities through projects, events and workshops. The experiences and insights gained from this should promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle as well as peaceful coexistence.

Educational projects

  • online trainings
  • advanced education
  • lectures


Continuously updated online-offers are available for training purposes. For this a wi-fi connection and a quiet place are required. Please log-in early enough so that we can start on time.

The Zoom-link will be sent  upon request.

  • Spiritual training: The meditation begins with a guided sitting period of about 25 minutes. After a 10-minute walking meditation, there is another 25 minutes of sitting in silence. 
  • Breath and consciousness: Conscious experience of the moment
  • Body awareness: Guided body journey to strengthen the vital forces
  • Lectures on various topics

Umbria project week: 

In our hectic society, we have exchanged values such as silence and connection for busyness and sensory overload. 

When we spend time in nature in a meditative way, we (re)gain access to our (innermost) nature. For millennia, monks, mystics and other people have lived, meditated and sought refuge in forests, deserts and mountains. They were inspired by the living creation and wisdom of the natural world. 

The retreat week takes place in the enchanting and untouched environment of the Umbrian mountain forests. Located in complete seclusion at an altitude of 750 meters, San Gallo is a perfect and paradisiacal place to quickly find peace and immerse yourself in its tangible tranquillity. It is a healing space that opens up and welcomes you to recharge and experience unity with life, nature, and most importantly, your own loving being.

Together we meditate, hike, live in community and immerse ourselves in the silence of nature.

In addition to a day trip to Assisi, a visit to the Babaji Temple in Pagialla and a day of silence, there is plenty of free time to enjoy the nature of San Gallo.

More information on request.

Further projects & activities

  • Here, various projects and hands-on activities will be published

Support options

  • Membership
  • Donations
  • Assistance with project development & implementation

As a non-profit organization, we strive to make our offerings accessible to all interested people – regardless of their financial means. However, we appreciate donations and are happy to provide a donation-receipt if needed. 

We are happy to share our bank details with you. 

Please send membership inquiries to the association email:


Dates are updated continuously, information on the projects on request.

If you have any questions or you are interested in our association and our projects, we look forward to receiving your message!